Weighing Systems

The calibrative, fully automatic weighing system for aggregates, binders, water and additives ensures the constantly high productivity.

 aggregate batchers, (container or belt)
cement batchers,  (can be equipped for special cement types)
water batcher for fresh water and sewage
weighing system for additive weighing during the mixing process, inside the annular tray mixer
AFE-mixer (weighing system)
Anhydrite-mixer designed as a weigher
batchers for additives,  (1 to 4 weighing chambers)
Farbdosieranlagen und Farbwaagen


Exact dosing of the aggregates normally is effected by dosing valves, alternatively coarse or fine dosing is possible.
Dosing can also be effected by belts or vibrating channels.

Konusmsichereinbau mit Waagen


Color dosing



aggregate and water batcher
- dosing valves -


Dosierkeller - verfahrbare Waage

additive batcher
- executed with 2 chambers -

Row-type silo