Automatic Cleaning Systems

An investment that pays for itself.

Automatic mixer cleaning at the press of a button!

KNIELE’s automatic mixer cleaning was developed for the concrete industry, especially for our mixers. This cleaning system can partly also be used for other mixer types, too.

The most important factor is the time-saving with cleaning of the mixer; especially if various products have to be produced, e.g. change of the products’ colour, change from concrete to mortar. At the press of a button a cleanliness grade of approx. 90 % can be obtained. This makes it possible that the cleaning of the mixer in the evening is carried out in a few minutes.

In addition, the mixing master responsible for cleaning is relieved; he can more effectively care about his real tasks.

Automatic mixer cleaning unit, escpecially designed and patented for our cone-type mixer (KKM type).

retractable cleaning pole
rotating cleaning heads
low water consumption
conventional high-pressure cleaning devices
usage of dirt blasters
swivel mounted collecting funnel for washing water
small recycling plants for washing water, including agitators and sewage pump

Movie on YouTube®: cleaning Cone mixer

Rotating head

High pressure cleaner – High pressure unit

Widia screw in use

Rotating head

Cleaning system, high pressure valves

Cone mixer after automatic cleaning

Rotating head

Control compact plant

Cone Mixer with screw of stainless steel

Recycling tank