Cone Mixer

The new mixing principle is based on a conical mixer trough. Due to the two counter-current agitators a homogeneous mixture is produced in the shortest time.

One of the agitators is a cylindrical or conical screw, whereas the other one has stirring arms with mixing shovels which spread the part of the surface of the mixing chamber that is in contact with the mixture.

The central screw conveyor moves the mixture vertically which causes its rotation. The outer agitator works contrary to this rotation. Thanks to the contrary and crosswise flowing of the mixture, an intensive and quick mixing effect is obtained.

The cone mixer and its properties:

  • Optimal mixing effect thanks to the new mixing principle!
  • Reliable break-up of cement agglomerates!
  • Bar-free addition of colours!
  • No loss of quality when mixing small quantities!
  • Entire discharge within the shortest time!
  • Conical, space-saving design!
  • Low pollution level – easy and quick manual or automatic cleaning!
  • Absolutely low noise!
  • Start with fully loaded mixer is possible without any problems!
  • Versatile application! Mixing of concrete of any texture, steel fibre concrete, SCC and UHPC, air-entrained concrete, polystyrene concrete, mortar, any dry bulk products, sludge, dusts, etc.

High efficiency through:

  • short mixing and discharge cycles
  • short cleaning times
  • cement and pigment savings
  • reduction of waste
  • low maintenance effort
  • reduced wear and tear surfaces


With the independent speed control of the two agitators, especially the inner agitator, liquid and earth-moist concrete can be produced by the cone mixer. It is ideally suited for special concrete such as UHPC and SCC, fibre concrete, lightweight concrete, heavy concrete, etc. The indefinitely variable control allows for precise adjustment for the respective mixing product. These optimisations significantly reduce the mixing time of such special concrete.

Dry materials from dry mortar to food are also no problem for the cone mixer. Many educational establishments, material test centres and research institutes use this mixer as a laboratory mixer for the development of new special concrete.

In order to produce UHPC, the mixer can be equipped with a special agitator tool and a special drive with a speed of up to 400 rpm. As a result, the mixing time can be reduced to as
low as approx. 2 minutes.

Here you can download detailed informations as pdf-document.

3D-Animation KKM with washing:

Cleaning with air injection:

Discharge core concrete:

Discharge face concrete:

Discharge SCC: