KNIELE KKM –RT 15/22,5

Stainless steel

Laboratory intensive mixer KKM-RT 15/22,5 with integrated rheometer and tribometer

The Kniele KKM-RT 15/22,5 combines a laboratory intensive mixer with a rheometer that provides the rheological properties of the mixture in either relative or absolute units. A mixer probe for moisture analysis and a dosing unit for addition of liquid components expands the scope an enables automated parameter studies of mix development.

  new Movie on YouTube® Laboratory mixer KKM-RT - Production of concrete and its rheological characterization

Samples of various concrete types, of any quality and quantity, can be produced with this mixer to carry out classic fresh concrete tests such as slump spread, slump flow measure, VdZ /German Cement Plant Association) funnel, LCPC box, etc.

Material discharge and mixer cleaning:

  • Almost all of the mixture drops into a previously positioned container beyond the mixer under the influence of gravity.
  • Following the discharge of the mixture, the flap is closed, the drum is filled with water and the mixing tools are run at high speed. Deposits on the mixing tools come off and are carried out with the water when the closure flap is reopened.

Mixing tool:

To increase mixing intensity, minor improvements were made to the conical mixer’s mixing tool. The disagglomeration of fine materials and the separation of fine fibres will be significantly improved and accelerated with the arrangement of short pins on the outer edges of the mixing paddles.

Drives and function as a rheometer (relative measured values):

  • Synchronous torque drive for low speed / torque control.
  • Oscillating measurements with quick changes of the sense of rotation.

Function as a rheometer for the determination of measurement values in absolute units:

  • Speed-controlled mode
  • Torque-controlled mode
  • Oscillating measurements with sinus shaped change in rotation direction

Function as a tribometer:

  • To determine the pumpability of a concrete

Mixer probe:

  • To check and control the average water/binder ration, even when using materials with variable inherent moisture.

Camera to observe the mixing procedure

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  Movie on YouTube® Laboratory mixer KKM-RT with built-in rheometer and tribometer

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