Laboratory mixer, 30 - 150 liter Laboratory capacity

KNIELE's Laboratory mixers type KKM-L, ensure a quick and homogeneous mixture. All kinds of high quality concretes (e.g. ultra-high performance concretes, self-compacting concretes, light-weight concretes, refractory, fluid adhesives, etc.) can be produced within the shortest time and in a very high quality.

In addition to concrete production, our cone mixer is particularly suitable for any kind of dry mixing (e.g. light fineries, dry mortars, animal food, chemical dry mixtures, etc.).

The mixer is also available in stainless steel!

The approved mixing technology assures an intensive and homogeneous mixture within the shortest time and at constantly high mixing quality. Thanks to its conical shape partial mixtures can be made without any loss of quality. Due to its design, discharge of the mixer is carried out within the shortest time. The mixer can easily be filled from above.

The laboratory mixers are CE-compliant and built in accordance to the EU machine directives.

Practice-proven standard drives assure our mixer's long life-time.


KKM-L 30: 30 liter capacity, up to 16 mm grain size
KKM-L 30: 150/100 liter capacity, up to 32 mm grain size
KKM-L 375: 300 liter capacity, up to 32 mm grain size
KKM-L 550: 375 liter capacity, up to 32 mm grain size

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Small plant for trials and production; extendible with Big-Bag stations, bag feeding hoppers, day-silos, etc.

KKM 100/150 mobile

Spezial Mixer for UHPC