Our Performance

KNIELE Mischtechnik represents decades of experience in mixing technology: grown with the customer’s requirements, planned and improved for the customer.

Highest quality as a base of success!

KNIELE Mischtechnik can draw on many decades of experience in

production and

of turnkey mixing plants for

ready-mix plants
mortar plants
dry mortar plants
prefabricating plants
block plants
ultra-high performance concretes

special mixing plants of any kind such as:

special waste processing (dust, slurry, etc.)
soil processing (recycling)
dry mixing processes (e.g. chemistry, food)
brick- and ceramics industry
glass industry
mixed gravel processing
styrofoam concrete
plaster and clay
epoxy resin glue
floor screeds

Innovative engineering and fast, flexible reactions to the market’s constant changing, to extended technical requirements, as well as our customer-near service made us one of the leading international suppliers.

Therefore KNIELE Baumaschinen GmbH - Mixing Technology - is a sought-after partner for:

new plants
standard solutions or custom-made plants
expansions or
complete conversions.

We offer solutions at the latest state of the art - practical and economical. In consideration of the legally valid standards and regulations, our plants produce quality concrete for freeways, bridges, sewer pipes, finished parts, train thresholds, paving-stones, etc.

Ingenious technology guarantees the constant quality of our products. Apart from this our plants remain below the legally authorised emissions as per the Federal Emission-Protection Law.

If requested, our plants can be equipped in a way as to ensure a continuous operating - even during the winter months.