The horizontal concrete station

Loading by bucket loader or direct loading by truck

The pocket row-type plant can be delivered as a semi-mobile or a stationary model.

Weighing of the aggregates is effected by a weighing belt. This belt delivers the materials to a skip loader or a belt conveyor which loads the mixer or an intermediate container.

Row-type plant: executed as high tower

e.g. for block plants, because many different aggregates are needed.

Loading by elevator or by special lift, belt conveying e.g. for double broken and double screened chips, to enable a sorted loading.

Feed hopper overground for rear dump wagon or underground with cover grating

Row-type Plant

Row-type Plant

Pocket silo plant

The pocket type plant is a variant of the row-type plant. It is used e.g. if only 1 to 3 aggregates are required and if the output of the plant does not have to be very high.