Lab compulsory mixer, 30 - 150 liter mixture capacity

KNIELE's Lab compulsory mixers, which are designed as cone-type mixers, type KKM-L, are mixing very intensively and homogene. All type of high quality concretes (e.g. self-densifying concretes, light-weight concretes, refractory, fluid adhesives, etc.) can be produced in shortest time and with high mixing quality.

Our cone-type mixer is not only suitable for concretes, but also for any other area of dry mixing (e.g. light fineries, dry mortars, animal food, chemical dry mixtures, etc.).

The mixers can optionally be produced in stainless steel design!

The approved mixing technology assures a intensive and homogene mixture within shortest time and at constantly high mixing quality. Thanks to its cone-shape ist is possible to mix smallest portions. Dischargement is performend within shortest time, what is achieved by its geometrical shape. The filling of the drum is also comfortable done from upside.

The lab mixers are compliant to CE regulatories and are built in accordance to EU machine directives.

Practically approved standard drives assure our mixer's long life-time.


KKM-L 30: 30 liter capacity, up to 16 mm grain size
KKM-L 30: 150/100 liter capacity, up to 32 mm grain size
KKM-L 375: 300 liter capacity, up to 32 mm grain size
KKM-L 550: 375 liter capacity, up to 32 mm grain size

Here you can download detailed informations as pdf-document.

Centrale complacte pour des essais et pour la production, extensible par des stations Big-Bag, des trémies almentatrices pour des sacs, silos journaliers, etc.

KKM 100/150 mobile

Malaxeur spécial pour BUHP