Intensive Annular Tray Mixer

KNIELE’s annular tray mixer is excellently equipped for particularly difficult mixing tasks with two agitators which are mechanically driven by the main drive.

The good mixing effect especially results from the action of the two stirrers which rotate contrary to the direction of the agitator (this ensures a homogeneous mixture). A very intensive mixing effect - even in a shorter time - is achieved by the relatively narrow mixing canal. This also offers a great advantage for the mixing of small quantities.

Conversion of conventional mixers

Conversion of conventional mixers without agitators to mixers with a mechanically driven stirring system.

Intensive annular tray mixer with electrical infinitely adjustable stirring system

For specific mixing tasks, e.g. processing of recycling-materials (pelleting), an infinitely adjustable agitator can be installed. The number of revolutions can be adjusted between 0 and 180 rpm (depending on the mixture). For special tasks even much higher numbers of revolutions are possible.

Constant-flow mixer

A specially equipped batch-type mixer with a special device and control panel is used as a constant-flow mixer, e.g. for the production of mixed gravel, concrete, etc.