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Mixing tools made of stainless steel inside a mixer for concrete.
Mixing Systems
Round mixer for concrete from above with a centic rocker arm to which several mixing arms are attached.

Intensive Annular Tray Mixer

Double counter-current...
The KNIELE ZE intensive annular tray mixer is typically equipped with two mechanically driven agitators via the main drive. Effective digestion of the material is what produces the excellent mixing. Two independently rotating agitators rotate in counter-current to the main agitator. The narrow mixing channel guarantees intensive mixing with short mixing times. This mixer ensures that even small quantities are mixed quickly and produced economically.
Drives and frequency transformers
Upgrade: Retrofitting and Refitting...
Advantages at a glance...
2D-CAD drawing of cylindrical mixers for concrete with mixing tools side view and view from above.

Confidently mastering special tasks...

3D view of cylindrical white mixer for concrete  with Kniele logo with bottom drive and gate on the left side.
3D view of cylindrical white mixer for concrete with sectional view, mixing tools, gray bottom drive and red drive at the top.
3D-view cylindrical white mixer from above with mixing tools, gate, red drive at the top.
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Dipl. Ing. Harald Kniele

Specialist mixing technology and plant components

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