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Mixing tools of stainless steel inside a mixer for concrete.
Mixing Systems
Cylindrical filter with bellows, drive at the top and funnel at the bottom against a blurred background.

Mixing accessories

Made in Germany quality...
The highest quality and optimal compatibility - from a single source.
KNIELE GmbH isn’t just your partner when it comes to mixing technology, it provides all the other components that you’ll need.
Range overview
Rounded perforated plate with cover flanged on a rotary flap with gear and motor and blue pneumatic hoses.

Always more than the sum of its parts...

Metallic lathe part with a cylindrical midle part and a conical end with three ninety degree screw connections, each with a screwed-in round jet nozzle.
Galvanized perforated sheet metal as a square housing for a white painted square tube which protrudes diagonally upwards, on its right is an run-out pneumatic cylinder with a red pulley and two red hoses.
Chrome-plated ball with various elliptical openings attached to a round rod which is screwed to a sheet steel.
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Dipl. Ing. Harald Kniele

Specialist mixing technology and plant components

phone: +49 7582 9303-0