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Mixing tools made of stainless steel inside a mixer for concrete.
Mixing Systems
Stainless steel frame with a conical mixer behind plexiglass and a control box on the right.

Laboratory Mixer KKM-RT

Research, test, develop...
KNIELE laboratory forced mixers provide a very exact and homogeneous mixing result. Due to the conical shape, even the smallest quantities can be mixed to a high quality. Filling, emptying and cleaning can be done quickly and conveniently. This cone mixer can produce quality concretes of all kinds, including self-compacting concrete or lightweight concrete. It is also suitable for all other types of dry mixture, such as light plaster, dry mortar, mineral cast concrete, animal feed, chemical dry mixtures as well as refractory or liquid adhesives and many other products.
Rheometer, tribometer, hygrometer, video...
For classic fresh concrete tests
Advantages at a glance...
2D-CAD drawing of the cone mixer with stirring tools and arrows for material transport.

Research & Development – The Art of Mixing...

Stainless steel agitator with orange plastic spiral in the mixer.
Stainless steel agitator with blades and vertical pins and scraper for the wall.
Round stainless steel plate at the bottom of a funnel-shaped mixer with load cell and electrical cable.
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Specialist mixing technology and plant components

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